Moderate Double A (City View)
Simple & Modern
Our business rooms incorporate modern interior concepts with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that also have more space to work while you are in Ulsan.

LOCATION : A total of 24 rooms / floors 3 ~ 10
PRICE : 160,000 WON
Moderate Double B (Side View)
Simple & Modern
Our Moderate Double B rooms are designed to be functional and cozy space most suitable for guests traveling for either business or leisure.

LOCATION : A total of 31 rooms / floors 3 ~ 10
PRICE : 140,000 WON
Moderate Twin
Simple & Modern
Our Moderate Twin rooms are designed with both simplicity and comfort in mind and offer one to two guests a cozy space to relax and escape from their busy schedules and lives.

LOCATION : A total of 32 rooms / floors 3 ~ 10
PRICE : 180,000 WON
Junior Suite (Garden Room Triple)
Cozy, Rest Natural
Our Junior Suite has a unique character including a cozy sitting area and spacious bathroom.

LOCATION : A total of 1 rooms / floors 11
PRICE : 320,000 WON
Royal Suite A (Jacuzzi Room Quad)
Contemporary Chic Style Home
Our Royal Suit with Jacuzzi Room is a bold and chic penthouse suite with contemporary furnishings and lighting designed for a variety of social and intimate occasions.

LOCATION : A total of 1 rooms / floors 11
PRICE : 360,000 WON
Royal Suite B (Garden Room Quad)
White Natural, Rest Natural
Our Royal Suite with garden room is an ideal space for a romantic gateway or intimate gathering celebrating the special moments in life.

LOCATION : A total of 1 rooms / floors 11
PRICE : 360,000 WON